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Freeze Drying Machine

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Freeze Drying Machine

LONG LORYUNISS Freeze dryer are using PLC automatic operation Controller, large screen color screen, touch-type operation, digital display temperature, vacuum, voltage and sample temperature and other data, while recording the data and time, and can be graphically displayed,the user can quickly understand whether there are abnormal situations occurring during operation, and USB connector can download all operation data and pictures. The biggest advantage of this controller is abnormal when the alarm and protection, when the condenser, radiator temperature and vacuum is too high when warning, voltage anomaly warning, the vacuum is abnormal after more than 10 minutes and will automatically close the vacuum pump, prevent improper operation and other factors such as equipment and sample damage;The sample can monitor its temperature separately and can determine the freezing point, thus determining primary drying and secondary drying.
The other key point of the shelf-plate freeze-drying machine is the flatness of the shed plate, especially when the sample is liquid, and the contact area between the sample and the shed is often the key to the drying success,the higher the flatness of the shed plate, can ensure that the sample disk and the shed plate have a real contact, will not be due to the gap and uneven temperature situation occurs; the other long lory of the shed plate are +1-style design, meaning that the first layer above the canopy plate will be temperature control, so that each layer of the same conditions, all kinds of design to ensure Or at any location on the same layer.
LONG LORY Freeze dryer Internal polishing treatment, cavity interface fillet processing, easy to clean, and are in line with the GMP requirements, mainly used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and has sealed bottle and clean room models can choose, can provide IQ/OQ file.

1. Self-recording shelf plate temperature, temperature, vacuum, environmental temperature, time and other information.
2. The image shows the mechanical structure diagram, and can manually test all the machine and valve parts are normal.
3. A vertical and horizontal drag-and-drop record search function that can quickly search within thousands of data in seconds.
4. All recording data and images can be downloaded using USB.
5. Automatic programmable, can be set different temperature, time and vacuum degree.
6. Automatic control of vacuum degree can be set.
7. The temperature/pressure/voltage is not normal to set the warning point, exceeding the warning point will revert to the freezing stage to protect the sample, and will automatically beep alarm and break vacuum.
8. The date and time can be changed, the condenser can be activated separately, dissolved ice, vacuum and vacuum pump.
9. Screen Lock: User level can be set, you must enter the password before you can change the settings and operation, to prevent others from 
the wrong touch.
10. Download data can be viewed using Excel.
11. Network Online transfer function (optional).

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