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GB-120 Glove box

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Glove Box System With Integrated Gas Purification System

GB-120  Glove box for argon welding 
(including purification/regeneration system and welding turntable
 and cooling control system)
[Glove box]
Glove box outer size: 1200L x 1200W x 900Hmm, bottom skeleton with wheels and
high and low adjustment foot
Glove box Body Material: Stainless steel SUS304, thickness: 3mm, glove box inner
polished sand surface, exterior powder baking paint treatment
(3) Glove box reinforcing rib strengthening suction vacuum box
(4) Glove box working gas: nitrogen, argon, helium inert gas environment
(5) Lighting: External Fluorescent lamp 30w * Two ea 
(6) Glove box window: transparent tempered glass window, thickness: 17mm, 
with argon welding goggles
(7) Glove retention Ring:SUS 304 Material, Size:220mm diameter,O-ring sealed
(8) Glove: Butyl material, thickness 0.4mm, number of Gloves: 4 (Single sided: 2) 
vacuum cover and piping 
(9) Glove box Leakage Rate:<0.05Vol%/h
[Electronic control system]
(1) Power: 220v/60hz,10a, glove box with ac110v power socket set
(2) System control: PLC programmable controller with 5.7 "Chinese Touch Man-machine 
interface control and display water oxygen concentration and glove box pressure 
(3) Glove box pressure can be set freely, automatic constant pressure (0-16mbar) 
and foot pressure/decompression switch control glove box pressure
[gas purification/regeneration system and gas pipeline]
Purification system: Gas closed circuit circulating water removal and oxygen
removal system 
(2) Glove box gas purification system after treatment concentration:H2O<1ppm(v) , 
(3) Purifier (with catalyst): Stainless steel SUS 304, with heater and insulation, 
reproducible reuse
(4) Regenerative control:By PLC human-machine Interface automatic programming 
(Automatic/Manual regeneration control mode), the date of regeneration of the 
purifier memory function, can be displayed on the Human machine screen
(5) Recycled Gas:Argon hydrogen gas mixture Ar/H2 mixture(H2=5%+Ar=95%)
(6) Cooling system:Cooling circulating Ice water machine (installed in glove box
 cooling heat exchanger)
(7) Purification system Cycle Windmill:gas circulating flow rate 70 m3/h at ∆ P=60 
(8) Purification system Valve Parts: Using KF-40 vacuum pneumatic valve control
(9) Control valve:Solenoid valve 3/8 ", PLC control 
(10) Purification system pipeline: Stainless steel SUS316 piping, Type KF-40 Vacuum 
Joint System 
(11) Gas piping:Stainless steel 3/8 "
(12) Leakage rate of purified circulatory system:<10-5 mbar-l/s(Purifier Unit And 
(13) Filter 10μm circulation filter dust gas inside glove box 
[Vacuum pump]
Vacuum pump:Exhaust Volume 12m3/h, two-stage oil rotary vacuum pump, vacuum <3 x 
10-3 mbar, vacuum pump stop operation itself has a reverse function (EDWARDS RV-12) 
[Feedthroughs hole]
Glove box Side Feedthroughs hole:6, KF-40 and below ISO 160 x 1 vacuum 
[Pass Box]
Big pass box:not stainless steel SUS304, thickness 5mm, square type pass the box 
inside size: five x x 600mm
Internal polishing treatment, external powder paint, hard anodized aluminum door 
cover, 20mm thick, Internal attachment slide table
Oil-filled Vacuum gauge x 1, vacuum valve: KF-40 pneumatic valve x 1, Pressure 
balance valve 3/8 "solenoid valve x 1
Large transmission Box control: internal and external doors for manual operation, 
vacuum/pressure balance for PLC man-machine Touch
(2) transmission box leakage Rate:<10-5 mbar-l/s
[Water Oxygen Scout]
(1) Trace Moisture Analysis instrument:0-1000PPM(V)
(2) Micro-oxygen analysis instrument:0-100PPM,0-1000PPM,0-10%,0-25%RANGE
[Glove box Countertop inserts into the welding turntable]
Turntable clamp, can be controlled by the foot rotation 360 degrees
Welding sample size approx.
HEAT exchanger inside glove box to control the internal temperature of glove box to 
prevent temperature rise too high during welding
Ice Water machine
Protective eye sheet

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