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High presure removal water drying requipment

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High presure removal water drying requipment
HPD equipment sent to domestic indicators companies, It has been well received by customers which listing 
companies. That;s can improve the traditional process as temperature too high that to destroy the surface and 
even to effect the  body structure, to caused high defect rate and long process time
The actual operation film
*The new generation dry process technology, It can improve parts wet problem and  reduce water marks in the 
*It's suitable for continuous cleaning lines.
*It's suitable for porous and fine bsed metls power ,ceramic. Etc…
*The process temperature reduced by 50%(compared to The traditional hot air ovens)
*To reduce energy consumption
*two-sliot configuration that can reduces working time
*SCR heating module and PID automatic control
Electricity                           electric heater: Tubular style
Inner dimension                      Insulation materisl: high density thermal External dimension:            
                      insulation rock wool
     (Actually based on order)         Temperature controller:
Temperature range:                   Air Inlet:    fixed damper
Mechanical material: Inner box          Exhaurst vent:    Fixed damper   
                 Outer box
Compare content   other brand drying equipment     
Internal piping confiruration:Welding and locking teethfixed, The equipment maintenance demolition it expend 
more time
Panel functiuon: single minute timing
Output control:Traditional I/O power suppluy output,the heating fluctuation big and unstable ,Electromagnetic 
contact actuation frequency ceramic heater with thermal resistance wire, if one side is damaged, it can not 
Air supply motor:The  traddtional blower which gas exchange rate lower(4.5 bar pressure) 
Test comparison/conditions validation made of efficiency
process material 0.5mm conductive  plating steel ball :
process time:40 mins  
process temperature: 130 degree
pure water diffuse bubble  into the net afther sent to the drying Zhuan mivro mirror lead plating steel ball 
sloaked in pure in the pure water into bye blue dye and stir evenly into equipment phase fellow pieces : 
after drying the moisture is still be keep 5.6%
HPD drying equipment
Fixing and dismounting the clamp for tightening, the tube bundle is convenient internal piping configurate.
(using high regulation pipe configuration)
Three-stage timeing switch,adnormal alarm display
The SCR control, curvetypmetal heating tube parallel connection heating output. 
Heating fluctuation stable
The metal heating tube parallel connection
The single side damage that's not shadow phased side heating operation.
The customization HPD which gas exchange eate is high(7.2 bar pressing)
process time:20 mins
process temperature: 80 degree
after drying the moisture is still be keep 0.24%

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Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Payment Term: T/T, L/C

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